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Our First Time Cuckolding Experience

I have been fantasizing about my wife taking a big dick in her tight pussy for the longest time.

We have been happily married for 8 years, but I never got a chance to share this fantasy of mine for obvious reasons. My way of dealing with this fantasy was to buy her sexy clothes, thong bikinis which 99% of the time she was dismissing the idea or wearing them even just for me inside the house.

This past summer, we were enjoying a vacation all alone.

When we went to the beach the first day I convinced my wife to go topless, she did and she loved the attention she was receiving without admiting it to me, but I could tell from her responsiveness when it came to sex.

Couple of days into the vacation I convinced her to wear her sexy thong bikini which you can see in the picture, we strategically positioned ourselves, towards the end of the beach so we can get some privacy and she did, she was so sexy and so horny at the same time.

Later that afternoon, I convinced my wife to simply try a nude beach the day after, she refused, and I proceded telling her that since everyone on the beach has seen her firm ass and boobs, it would not be such of a deal if they happen to see her pussy, and this would be only for couple of seconds, since most of the times she likes to lay on her stomach while sunbathing. It took quite a few margaritas for her to agree with me, but she set her rules, she told me that we would go early on the beach so we can find a corner for us to hide, and that if she felt uncomfortable we would leave without further explanation on her part.

I was the happiest man of all. That night, my wife, wore a tiny skirt with no panties on, as a preparation for our adventures the next morning. In the night club she was dancing seductively with me, and she was rubbing my cock.

Next morning we got up and off to the beach, when we went there, it was totally empty and I was getting dissapointed a bit. About an hour went by and some couples start showing up, Jessica felt a little uncomfortable but she did notice that there was more respect for privacy in the nude beach people were not staring like they did in the public beach, I guess just because it is expected to be nude on a nude beach.

Later that afternoon I kept the drinks flowing, and Jessica was getting pretty tipsy, and very comfortable with her body.

At some point I asked Jessica if she would like to pose for me so I can capture some pictures. She agreed and we went to the end of the beach where there were some rocks, and the scenery was so much better, in the middle of me taking pictures of my lovely wife, we were interupted by a young gentleman who came by and offered to take pictures of the both of us. I immediately agreed and Jessica was turning red from embarassement, it was the first time we interacted with someone, and Jessica did not expect that.

While this guy was taking pictures of us, his dick kept growing and growing, he was considerably larger and thicker than I was, and I measure a descent 7.1/2 inches.

Jessica whispered in my ear, if I had noticed his dick, and I said I did, and I aksed her what she thought of it. She simply said that it is huge and we left it at that.

After this guy took some more pictures of us, invited him to our area so I can offer him a drink, he glagly accepted and my wife asked me why I was doing that, and I simply told her that he has seen her nude and there is nothing else for him to see, and on top of everything else, this is a nude beach.

While we were drinking it was obvious that this guy wanted to have his time with my wife, he kept staring at her breasts and her totally shaved pussy. I also noticed that Jessica occasionaly was stealing looks for his dick.

After a while Jessica got up and went to swim, this was my opportunity to share with him my biggest fantasy, I told him that I would like him to fuck my wife, mercefully, but I also told him that my wife knows nothing about this fantasy of mine. He liked my fantasy since he would be the one to get the benefit, and he promised to do anything he can to help me out.

When Jessica came back I excused myself to the bathroom, so I can give them some moment together.

I took my time, and I could tell that Jessica was getting very horny by the size of his dick. After I came back Jessica told me the truth that she could not resist but stare at his dick, well at this point it is good to know that we are both billingual and that helped in that case.

I told her that it is ok if she would like to enjoy herself with this young man.

We were interrupted by the gentleman when he asked Jessica if she would like to swim with him, Jessica looked puzzled and in despatation for my response, I told her to go ahead and enjoy herself.

While they were swimming, they kept getting closer towards the place where we took some pictures, before.

After a while they were lost and nowhere to be found, I was suspicious that they were fucking but I wanted to get a chance to see my wife's lustfull face while she is getting it by a huge dick. The only way I could go by the place where they were hidden was to swim and then climb some rocks. I did it and when I found them I was astounded, my wife was on all fours, and she was getting it doggy style and screaming by the intention of this guys dick in my wife's tight pussy, he kept calling her names and he was asking her to talk dirty to him, at that point I was cumming all over my hands, she was telling him to fuck her harder, and that she has never felt so full in her life, and that she would like to taste his hot sperm, deep inside her thight pussy.

At that point was the time that I decided to join the action, when my wife saw me she was shocked she did not expect to see me there, and she immediately asked me if I like it, my response was to give her my dick to suck on. After that we both fucked Jessica our entire stay in the island and Jessica had became our total slut for 10 days in total, there has been a countless number of times, that Jessica was fucking this guy in front of my eyes, and every single moment was unique, and exciting.

Since then our life together has only grown to be better and better. - JP