Tranniesin Trouble

I was flattered to receive praise from sandra over at tranniesintrouble.
I would have to say she is the inspiration for my love of dressing and bondage!
So thankyou Sandra for writing me, and if you like 'girls' in damsel in distress pics, please check her site out, you will be amazed!
Thanks to everyone who writes!
Here are a few more old ones i found on my hard drive...
after this, all new ones!!

guys are stuck as girls now!


Alumnitas Brides

I was dying to introduce you to some of my students who were also my lovers over the years when I was chancellor, chief academic or owns a very prestigious private school and elitist. The saw every day at my school and I could not resist the temptation to possess.

All of them grabbed me and I made the terrible things they deserved. I always wondered how easy it is enredarlas me in my web, only a few tricks counted on the fingers of one hand ...

Muéranse envy the bodies of an old decrepit as I can enjoy: